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To use intelligence parlance, we will now walk the dog backwards to the decisive year 2000. Curtis Mallet overtly initiated alleged fraudulent prima facae manipulations of US Federal, Florida and New York state laws. International laws, and in particular US laws, do not allow courts to be used to litigate or enforce matters predicated upon known falsity. Attorney Robert W Sheehan partner at Curtis Mallet New York City law firm never has been licensed to practice law in Florida. Kevin J Collins was a Florida domiciled senior citizen spending on or about November > June at his residence in Palm Beach, Florida. June > November Kevin lived at his summer home in Southampton, New York.

We see above the cover and 2 signatory pages of an August 31, 2000 10 of 10 page Last Will and Testament created by Curtis Mallet for Kevin J Collins. New York licensed Curtis Mallet partner Bob Sheehan induced an ailing Florida domiciled Kevin J Collins into signing a fabricated New York notarized Will while Curtis Mallet partner was a guest at Kevin and Louis’s Southampton summer home. Unfortunately for Curtis Mallet, Louis Collins has kept daily diaries of events for all of the time Curtis Mallet has been involved with her family affairs. These diaries include all Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan interaction. Louis now so often cries thinking the number of times she and Kevin invited the Curtis Mallet partner as a houseguest in Palm Beach and Southampton. Now she realizes Curtis Mallet was allegedly deviously plotting against her and Kevin’s interests.

Louis Collins has kept a Diary for many decades.  Some of the entries are applicable to Curtis Mallet incidents.   Louis Collins’s August 31, 2000 Diary Entry:  “Golf with Ann & Robin, ½ hr lesson, Bob Sheehan for lunch and jewelry shopping, tennis clinic, dinner at Savannahs w/Kevin & Bob (Sheehan).”   This diary entry and the  Southampton, New York Will  witness  prove beyond any reasonable doubt this Will was signed at the urging of Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan in Southampton, New York.   This Will was purposefully fraudulently created by Curtis Mallet partner for a unknowing Kevin J Collins victim.


David Bayrock Curtis Mallet partner



Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan wrote the below letter on September 6, 2000 addressed to Kevin J Collins, 101 Worth Avenue,  Palm Beach, Florida  knowing Kevin and Louise Collins were in  Southampton, New York until November.   Why would Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan address a letter to Palm Beach, Florida instead of Southampton, New York?


Truth is the best defense while sunshine is the best disinfectant. It seems Curtis Mallet partners have an aversion to transparency, for some reason!  From information and belief, Louise Collins’s present husband has been instrumental in engaging a highly regarded  New York  law firm to represent his wife Louise regarding a legal action against Curtis Mallet.  We have been told this will be a slow deliberate process.     As we see it, all Louise’s protective husband  will have to do is tell the law firm to read the substantiated documentation within our increasingly popular newsletter


William Barringer Curtis Mallet partner


Letters to Director:

Dear Gentlemen:  It’s obvious Curtis Mallet wants Louis’s husband Herbert out of the picture so they can continue to isolate and control Louis. Here you have this CM partner attempting to break up a marriage of Client Louise while the CM partner goes home to his family. This is positively disgusting. — Cupertino entrepreneur

Sir:  Your issue 5 refers to the Curtis Sheehan partner as having a partner.  This other lawyer doesn’t seem to be a partner at Curtis.   Are we to conclude something else is going on here?  Does Curtis know that this partner’s partner is involved with Curtis confidential client business?   This is very strange and could be a precedent in legal liability.  Who allowed these partners to search Louise Collins’s closets and drawers?  Does Louise know if any of her undergarments or dresses taken by this dynamic duo?  Did they leave any soiled clothing behind? — Alternative lawyer

Dear Director:  It’s sad seeing a once respected law firm crumble with dissent before our eyes because of a few bad apples. We hear the legal vultures are setting upon their clients. —NYC Clerk

Dear Director:  I’m an associate attorney at Curtis.  Like others at Curtis  I  can’t wait to read your blog.  You can see your popularity by google searching Curtis partner Robert Sheehan and other Curtis sites.  The scuttlebutt is that Sheehan terminated his Secretary because she knew too much  on his dealings with other Curtis clients as well.   She is also a friend of Mrs Collins who introduced her to her foreign husband.  I’ll  let you know what’s  going on the  Curtis front but it is pretty hush hush. — Ethical Curtis Associate

Director:  The perps must be severely punished rather than rewarded. We have seen within the financial crisis that if no one goes to jail the financial fraud expands. The time worn examples must be made. This will give an example to other wannabe lawyers ready to swindle the elderly. It’s already become an out of control pandemic in New York with Huguette Clark and other vulnerable elderly. I see it every day. — NY Clerk

Gentlemen: The word on Bob Sheehan travels fast in Martha’s Vineyard in the summer.  We’ve  always wondered about his mysterious background.  He spouts Yale and his Vietor wife but nothing else about his past.  We now know how he makes his money!  He’s considered an odd duck by the summer crowd.   Keep up the good work.  Keep up the good work.   — Vineyard fans

Sir:  My wife and I knew this Sheehan guy when he was involved with the Breed Abbott case you mention in your first article.  We always wondered how he made his money at Curtis.  We now know.  They should’ve clipped his wings long ago so he couldn’t  continue victimize so many others.  — Interested retired Attorney

Dear Sir:  Isn’t that Bobby Sheehan you’re writing about.  His family had a grocery and package store for years.  My husband and I did an Internet search on Robert Sheehan and found your blog.  Bobby is so highfalutin now I don’t think he would speak to us.  His kid Tommy got married in the Episcopal Church.  I guess Bobby left the Catholic Church that did so much for him.  It’s terrible to abandon your roots and live a make believe life. Thanks for your blog.  — Mary —-

Director:  Why don’t you ask how mentally healthy Kevin Collins was during these Curtis representation years.  Haven’t you heard of caveat emptor or let buyer beware?  Mr. Collins had the right to fire Curtis any time he wanted. You are biased. Give us evidence Mr. Collins was not compos mentis or mentally incompetent. Where are you located? — Curtis attorney

Sir:  Please, why do you continue to aggravate Curtis Mallet?  Why don’t you get a life?  These subjects are best disputed in the privacy of a court of law, not in the court of public opinion. Mrs. Collins always had alcohol problems and needs Curtis and Mt. Sinai Hospital Miami to keep her healthy. Their partnership in this endeavor will give Mt. Sinai necessary donations but not as much as Mrs. Collins promised them when drinking. Mrs. Collins has no right to the Kevin J Collins Revocable Trust. She only gets a small monthly allowance. Mrs. Collins has little personal assets. Money should not be considered where Mrs. Collins health is concerned.   — Curtis attorney

Director:  These guys could be doing the same thing to our grandparents without our knowledge. It’s really frightening how open they are at pulling this stuff. Have you contacted any of the defenders of Internet freedom? — We are many.


Dear Readership:

The past several months have been quite difficult for us but we had to honor our strict agreement guidelines not to divulge more serious information. We now can continue reporting to our anxious readership and apologize for any inconvenience, especially for those relying upon our continuing issues.

Unfortunately when we deal with fraudulent acts of one partner in a law firm against client victims,  we receive culpable information about other partners.  Remarkably, this information frequently comes from other partners who are averse to such behavior or just jealous of the perpetrating partners unjust enrichment.  We have conclusive documentation on two other Curtis Mallet partners who have allegedly committed fraud against client victims. We do not want to become mucked into a quagmire of one international law firm’s questionable conduct.  We must bring our present investigation to the court of public opinion o force the prosecution of the perpetrators.   It is probable there will be an effort by Curtis Mallet to cover up or otherwise suppress criminal violations with the use of judicial influence. We are currently working on implementing a scenario to prevent that from happening before we release the more serious Federally prosecutable documents.

Inverness Counsel were  the highly capable investment advisors of the Kevin J Collins accounts.  In violation of SEC and various USA and New York state regulations,  Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan wrenched the Kevin J Collins accounts from Inverness Counsel.    As an alleged self-appointed Kevin J Collins Trustee,   Curtis Mallet partner Sheehan gave the financial accounts to his son Thomas V Sheehan to possess and control through his new one person start-up Round Oak Capital.  Thomas V Sheehan then improperly managed  the financial accounts of the Kevin J Collins Revocable Trust  set up by Robert W Sheehan Trustee father resulting in major unaccounted losses.    

This Curtis Mallet partner’s family  self-serving enterprise is a clear violation of USA Federal and New York state regulations.  We now see from the Letters to the Editor that there are many fictions in Robert W Sheehan’s life that drag down those around him.  It is a shame.

 As our prior (see Issue 3 Exhibit E) shows, this was done without the USA Federal mandatory written authorization of Louis Collins. Louise   refused to sign the release of the Kevin J Collins accounts from the respected Inverness Counsel. During the attempt to return the Kevin J Collins Trust approximately $10,000,000 account to Inverness, son Thomas V Sheehan and Curtis Mallet partner father Robert W Sheehan reduced the assets, somehow. We warned that there would probably be  substantial alleged siphoning manipulations of the accounts.  From information and belief, there has allegedly been a more than $2,000,000 unaccounted short fall since the illegal transfer from Inverness with neither Curtis Mallet nor Round Oak Capital accounting for the losses.   Thomas V Sheehan  is now said to have moved out of New York City and presently living in Charlottesville,Virginia with another Round Oak Capital start-up.  No accountability has been given but Curtis Mallet may be liable for any questionable decrease. Curtis Mallet did not have any USA Federally mandatory administrative support for the Kevin J Collins accounts for many of these crucial months of losses. A Deutsche Bank officer named Edward Finley is said to be controlling administrative support out of the New York office at this time. How the remaining trust assets were moved to Mr Finley without knowledge or written consent of Trustee Louise Collins is anyone’s guess. Louis Collins is not signing anything thrust upon her by Curtis Mallet, Round Oak Capital  or their associates.

Reliable sources have said Mallard’s dispute with Curtis Mallet herein mentioned does not necessarily coincide with his wife’s dispute with  Curtis Mallet.  Many Curtis Mallet generated documents so often displayed  clearly contravene Florida, New York and USA Federal law.

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