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Transparency is a wonderful thing when allowed to occur. It is very rare indeed when the public is allowed to gain a glimpse within what has become the shadowy and otherwise murky world of United States estate law.  This behavior not only shifts  estate assets from client family to dubiously entrusted lawyers and their associates but contributes  to the destabilization and degradation of the United States family core.   Are elderly family members presently being looted  by devious  attorneys  without your knowledge?   Truth is the best defense when allowed to be  heard.   Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Presently occurring within the United States is a massive looting through subtle conversion of senior citizen   assets over to unscrupulous entrusted lawyers often allied with accountants and brokers   (aka financial advisors, wealth managers, investment consultants ad nausea). This looting is done under the blind eye and deaf ear, if not collaboration, of many within the judiciary. The nearly defenseless elderly and their unknowing families are susceptible targets because they have accumulated asset pools throughout their working life attracting these predators.  If the victim and their families       become aware of the devious  asset conversion the fraudsters cajole, intimidate or otherwise threaten disclosure embarrassment, judicial harassment or just plain physical harm. This is usually enough to strike fear and submissiveness into the victim and their family members.  If the victim and family attempts to fight back, predatory law firms have their own free use of legal personnel geared to creating “balloon fees” against the victims family. In turn, courthouse associates use obfuscators and blockers to inhibit any introspection by staving off discovery.  It is truly heartrending to read time and time again about victims of this unscrupulous behavior. The prevalence has become a focus of attention and controversy resulting in international media attention. Perhaps the best solution would be effective prosecution using preexisting laws.

Through actual case-by-case studies we will expose the pattern allowing the readership to become alert to the intricacies  for making their own judgments.  We will give our readership the facts and let them determine what, if anything, can be done.  Some of the substantiated behavior is so egregious we do not know how to vet it at this time, not withstanding the IRS matters.  We thus have not published all of the evidence, just enough to comprehend the  scope and depth.   At very least,  the readership will become aware of the pattern prevalence so as to take precautions. We sincerely hope our issues are used by our readership as a tool for victim comprehension, especially elderly targets. We have found many victims and their families suffer from the Stockholm syndrome of denial. See for a similar publication  with  noted germane USA national news articles.

Please spread the word.   Everyone made aware may be one less victim.

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