issue 2


Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan has had the appearance of a happy lifetime marriage fulfilled by sundry children.   His prominent wife’s thought to be inherited  wealth was said to afford a spacious Park Avenue condominium, tony weekend suburban home  and an Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard wife’s family estate compound.  At the very same time Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan attempted to insinuate himself into the private family life of a sickly Kevin J Collins by allegedly repeatedly coaxing Kevin over the span of a several  years to divorce his loving dutiful wife Louise, ostensibly to further isolate Kevin.   Kevin was kept alienated  from his concerned sister Alexa by Sheehan.  Neither Kevin nor Louise had any children.  In essence, Kevin J Collins was an easy mark if Curtis Mallet could get rid of wife Louise.  UBS AG (Swiss) Bank alleged mantra of   target, solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe and loot comes to mind.  Kevin and Louis were  living in their condominium on Fisher Island, Miami and Southampton, NY estate during this interval of time.  Curtis Mallet partner allegedly deviously insinuated to  Kevin J Collins that Kevin’s wife Louise was having a relationship with a Jamaican man in Miami.  The Curtis Mallet partner then asked Kevin if he could engage divorce lawyers and detectives to continue  investigations against Louise.  Despite the urging of  Curtis Mallet partner Sheehan,  Kevin never completely initiated the divorce proceedings or other urgings of Curtis Mallet partner Sheehan.  It is believed  Kevin may have not wanted the embarrassment of the Curtis Mallet partner Sheehan accompanying media.  It must have been very painful for Kevin to live with the insinuating suspicions a Curtis Mallet partner planted into Kevin’s  mind. Kevin decided to flee Fisher Island for Palm Beach rather than fight in Miami Courts with Curtis Mallet divorce lawyer associates.  During his spotty career,  Robert W Sheehan has been involved in New York State litigation over, among other things, alleged fiduciary violations (see Issue 1).



One of the most insidious  Curtis Mallet tricks was to allegedly tell Kevin J Collins  his wife Louise was allegedly having an affair with an alleged Jamaican man.  Let us be reminded that Kevin J Collins was in his late 70s and early 80s at the time.  Wife Louise was approximately 20 years his junior.   This Curtis Mallet partner allegedly contrived  incident that  initiated the documented divorce proceedings followed by  the  move to Palm Beach.   This is substantiated by lengthy wiretaps made by Kevin J Collins in Florida allegedly  at the insistence of  a Curtis Mallet partner.  Florida is a two-party consent state.  The illegal wiretapping and related USA Federal,  Florida and New York State  will be vetted in later issues.


The below Curtis Mallet letter is a secretive template well used by United States lawyers to “diminish or defeat” spousal interests within the family core. It is astounding that a partner would put such in writing on Curtis Mallet stationery and then sign it.  It should be fairly self-explanatory.  As one can readily see, divorce proceedings start well before the spousal victims have any clue lawyers are working against their interests. We have often become aware of  high-profile media divorces where a spouse or family gets little to nothing.  This Curtis Mallet generated letter explains why.  In this case study we will allegedly see lawyers working against both spousal interests, allegedly to gain complete possession and control of both estates.



As mentioned, a Curtis Mallet partner  attempted over several years to have Kevin J Collins divorce his beloved and caring wife Louise G Collins,  ostensibly to further isolate Kevin.   Kevin was further isolated  from his sister Alexa.  Neither Kevin nor Louise had any children allowing Curtis Mallet easy control over Kevin’s estate.  In essence, Kevin J Collins was an easy mark to dupe if Curtis Mallet could get Louise out of the picture.     A Curtis Mallet partner allegedly duped   Kevin J Collins into believing Kevin’s wife Louise was having a relationship with a black man in Miami.  The Curtis Mallet partner then duped Kevin into  engaging divorce lawyers to proceed against Louise.  Despite the urging of a Curtis Mallet,  Kevin never completely initiated the Miami or other divorce proceedings, perhaps for fear of what they would find with  Curtis Mallet partner, their Miami  lawyers and their private  searches.  Kevin J Collins was a proud man.   It must have been very painful for Kevin to live with the suspicions a Curtis Mallet partner planted into Kevin’s  mind.   Louise cried when she recently found out what Curtis Mallet partner Sheehan had been  doing behind her back.  She said: “The man (Kevin) must have been tortured for years without my knowledge of what was happening.”  She wondered if the Curtis Mallet partner  really liked women to initiate such  an alleged  insidious scheme.  We will discuss the merits of her prophetic statement in further  issues.



A reliable source has contradicted   the allegations of unfaithfulness by Louise by substantiating they were in fact a fiction allegedly concocted  against Louis allegedly  by a Curtis Mallet partner.  There was no Jamaican black man.  At the times  Louis was said to be with another man Louise was in fact caring for her ailing Mother at St Anne’s Nursing Home 20 miles or so south of  Miami.   The Curtis Mallet partner allegedly told Kevin not to allow Louise to use their car.  This meant Louise had to use circuitous  public transportation of buses and trains.  This arduous commute caused Louise’s health to diminish. Are there any lengths that some wills/trusts   lawyers will not go to isolate, control, dupe and loot their elderly incapacitated clients from their spouses and other family members?   This and other schemes will be vetted in later issues,  including  illegal interstate wiretapping allegedly initiated by a Curtis Mallet partner.



A terminal brain tumor afflicted Kevin J Collins.  After moving to the  the Palm Beach condominium,  Kevin was attended by a 24-hour nursing family.     Louise was sporadically in intensive care at Mt Sinai Hospital in Miami suffering from a long line of life threatening ailments exacerbated by her long trips on Miami buses and trains.  Her maladies now include cancer of the throat, hysterectomy, cancer of the colon, Dion Barre (involuntary nerve loss), radiation and chemotherapy treatment.   Curtis Mallet partner Sheehan allegedly attempted to unmanly wrench Louise from Mt Sinai into a far off senior citizen facility isolated from her friends and her dying husband.   It was  only through the direct intervention of three adamant friends that saved Louise from this transfer.



Curtis Mallet created a Kevin J Collins Revocable Trust with partner Robert W Sheehan and his family in possession and control of the  Kevin J Collins now approximately $40,000,000 estate “in perpetuity”.     Curtis Mallet’s continued deviousness was implemented with neither Louise’s knowledge nor consent (see issue 2), written or otherwise.  While Kevin was near death, Robert W Sheehan successfully started to befriend Louise. Let us remember Louise only recently learned about the divorce schemes in Miami.   Robert W Sheehan ingratiated himself upon Louise by, among other things, orally chitchatting about female gossip, her lovely clothes and her jewelry while incidentally reassuring her that Curtis Mallet would look after her estate interests.   Curtis Mallet explained little to nothing in mandatory writing to Louise.  about the newly minted Kevin J Collins Will or Revocable Trust.    Let us be reminded these documents  were prepared on Curtis Mallet stationery in New York and presented in Florida by New York licensed lawyer Robert W Sheehan  to a dying Kevin J Collins to sign.  All the while,  Louise was in Miami Mt Mr Sinai Hospital  intensive care.   The  divorce   and related document deceit against her interests were  only  recently shown to Louise, she cried.  “I befriended him. He called to chitchat for an hour or so a few times a week.   I did  not know he was charging me hundreds of dollars per hour to talk about what I was wearing at various events.  I hosted him (Sheehan) and his family in my homes.   I introduced his Secretary to her husband.  How could he have done these deceitful things to me and Kevin?”  Louis is still disillusioned.  Louise has not been shown the more damaging documents and audio tapes for her health reasons.

With Kevin J Collins death, we now see history repeat itself in Curtis Mallet hiring a West Palm Beach lawyer to harass Louise and her present husband.  Louise has never signed any of the Curtis Mallet initiated divorce or separation documents thrust upon her by insisting Curtis Mallet partner Sheehan.  Louise never knew her prior husband’s assets were being used for divorce or separation proceedings against her and her present husband.   All of the Curtis Mallet ongoing divorce harassment effort is being paid out of the Kevin J Collins estate in the possession and control of Curtis Mallet.

March 21,  2011

Via Registered Mail

Attorney Michael P Walsh

501 South Flagler Drive #306

West Palm Beach, FL  33401

Re: separation divorce proceedings

Dear Attorney Walsh:

My wife, Louise G Collins (herein Weezie), and I are circumspect at having been given yet other enclosed separation documents requesting notorized  signatures and personal information in expectation separation and divorce (Exhibit I).  Yet again, we have neither an inclination of being separated nor divorced through the devious use of these documents from Curtis Mallet-Provost, Colt & Mosle partners (herein Curtis Mallet) dated December 14, 2010 (enclosed).  There can be no room for either mistake or inadvertence since the documents were intently deliberated with the Palm Beach County tax authorities resulting in, among other things but not necessarily all, Exhibit I.  Let us explain. We have spoken with Palm Beach Tax authorities at length on three occasions regarding spousal taxes.  They said there never was a problem with either Weezie or my homestead rights spousal procedure initiated by us.  They did say however an attorney allegedly representing   Weezie had confronted them.  The attorney was interested in combining homestead rights with separation in expectation of divorce.  Exhibit I is but one example of this effort.   Weezie neither retained nor signed any contract with an attorney seeking either separation or divorce from me at any time. The Curtis Mallet directive clearly conforms to what has been solicited in the past from both your office and Curtis Mallet.   In any case, these are requests generated by Curtis Mallet and presumably your office for either my wife Weezie and/or me to perjure ourselves by signing documents saying we are separate in expectation of divorce.  We will not perjure  ourselves  under any circumstances. I have further been advised your office has never had a contract with my wife Weezie and works directly for Curtis Mallet. We would appreciate a written explanation.


Herbert K Mallard

Fax:  561-653-4294


Robert W Sheehan sent Louise two documents to be signed by both Louise and her present husband.  It is clearly evident these documents are to be notarized in expectation of separation and divorce with acute ramifications under “penalty of perjury” … “guilty of a misdemeanor”.  The Florida tax personnel said the documents had nothing to do with taxes but only separation/divorce contingencies.  They further said if untruly notarized signatures appeared there could be major negative consequences.  Curtis Mallet is yet again  attempting through  scheming  to cajole  another unknowing client into signing fraudulent notarize documents.  If signed, the unwitting client is on record as colluding  with Curtis Mallet waking them a co-conspirator. This neutralizes any credibility of the signatory victims in the eyes of the judiciary, among other things.  We will see this scenario played out  time and time again by Curtis Mallet.


Carl Ruggiero Curtis Mallet partner



January 13, 2011

Robert Sheehan, Esq                                                                                                                             Curtis Mallet-Prevost Colt & Mosle LLP

Fax #: 212-697-1559

Dear Bob:

You have said on several occasions to me I had my homestead rights taken away from me when I got married.  As present trustee of the Kevin J Collins Trust you have hired a lawyer in Palm Beach County to reinstate my homestead rights for no apparent reason to me.  Can you send me a fax letter detailing why you said my homestead was canceled as well as an itemization of the lawyer’s charges? My husband and I were married in 2010.  My husband renounced his homestead in fiscal 2010 thereby complying with the Palm Beach County tax authorities.  My husband has again spoken to his legal friends. He was advised to talk to the Palm Beach County Tax authorities regarding his status.   According to the recorded tax documents, I have had uninterrupted homestead at 101 Worth Avenue # 3A since year 2000.  This completely complied with the Palm Beach County Tax authorities.

My Best

Louise Collins


Ricardo Diez Curtis Mallet partner


Letters to Director:

Dear Director:  This is a blessing in disguise.  We’re  so happy these culprit lawyers are exposed. And mind you, we love that you show us what they do to both spouses to maximize their take.  We got back together after seeing how bad it is with predatory lawyers. — Cary & Bob

Sir:  I suffered a high-profile New York City trust case in the Lower Manhattan Courthouse these predators are using against this elderly lady.   Its disgusting what goes on with the courthouse insiders.  I won but had to make extra payments. Victim Whoever: Wow, this says it all in real life time.  No messing around with this.  I am telling our wills prof about this stuff.  Is there a book now on the shelves or planned?  — L student


Dear Readership:

The world knows United States is dying of a thousand cuts.  USA has a glut of  unneeded lawyers plying their trade in questionable fashion where institutional greed is the name of the game.  Time and time again we hear of some new degradation within the United States quality of life.  We are exposing some of the questionably lucrative behavior of some United States law firms. In particular, we are allegedly seeing the wanton insinuation in and manipulation of client personal lives to allegedly maximize profits of Curtis Mallet partners.  The mantra is isolate, control, dupe and loot.  We are seeing an allegedly devious partner’s spurious behavior condoned by Curtis Mallet,  even with full knowledge of the partner’s checkered past (see Issue 1).  Why would an internationally respected law firm knowingly condone such behavior?   It gets worse.  We will see in later issues how a Curtis Mallet partner gets foiled by his own illegal wiretapping suggestions to Kevin.

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