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Louis Collins purchased jewelry from a Worth Avenue Palm Beach merchant before entering  Mt Sinai Miami Hospital.  While Louise was undergoing  intensive care,   Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan came down from Curtis Mallet New York City offices, joined Attorney Andrew M Jackson and had a feeble Kevin Collins sign  Kevin J Collins Wills/Trusts documents.  Among other things,  the Curtis Mallet partner gave wife Louise’s Cadillac car to the Kevin’s nurse’s Pentecostal Church which then sold it to the nurse’s husband.   Attorney Sheehan  then went into Louise’s private closets and allegedly rummaged through her personal belongings. The Curtis Mallet partner stole the below jewelry items.  We do not know if there were undergarments or dresses  or other  items taken.   Louise recovered from intensive care only to come  back to Palm Beach and find she no longer had a car.   Walking down Worth Avenue several weeks later,  she saw earrings she liked  in the store window display where she initially had purchased a similar pair.  Curious, Louise went into the store to be greeted by a shocked salesman.  He had allegedly been told by the Curtis  Mallet partner Louise was near death and that he was returning her jewelry for a refund. The jeweler acceded and gave him a refund minus a transfer fee, hence the window display.  Neither Curtis Mallet nor partner Sheehan has given the money back to Louise.  Sheehan insisted he put the jewelry unilateral conversion cash in the Kevin J Collins Trust.   Curtis Mallet has yet to show any evidence of this transfer.  Furthermore, the approximately $20,000 earrings were purchased by Louise Collins with her own money and had nothing to do with her husband Kevin J Collins or his estate matters.


Alan Berlin,  Curtis Mallet partner



tommy married

Lindsay Vern Burton & Thomas Vietor Sheehan


New York Times reports: “Lindsay Vern Burton and Thomas Vietor Sheehan were married Saturday (May 30, 2009) at Grace Episcopal Church in Keswick, Va. … Mrs. Sheehan … works in New York, where she focuses on purchasing positions in private investment funds from endowments and other institutional investors. She graduated from the University of Virginia. … She is a daughter of Patricia A. Burton and Edwin T. Burton III of Charlottesville, Va. Her father is a professor of economics at the University of Virginia. Her mother is the president of the Charlottesville Garden Club. … Mr. Sheehan, 35, is a vice president and portfolio manager at Inverness Counsel, asset managers in New York. … He is a son of Pauline Vietor Sheehan and Robert W. Sheehan of New York. He graduated from Yale. His father is a partner in the New York law firm Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle, where he is a chairman of the trusts and estates department.” A5


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Roger Stark Curtis Mallet partner



Inverness Counsel investment company is highly respected within the international  financial world.  Louise G Collins was impressed with their capabilities and never saw any reason to take the Kevin Collins estate assets from their capable custody and control as financial advisors.   Louise was ordered by Curtis Mallet partner Sheehan   to sign the Schwab  mandatory transfer documents  terminating Inverness.  As we see, this was created   on Curtis Mallet stationary and signed by  Sheehan.  (see Issue 3 Exhibit E).   Louise G Collins was aghast and  refused to sign.   Louise G Collins was suspicious of Curtis Mallet and their alleged intentions to diminish her as a beneficiary of her husband Kevin J Collins estate.  After all, Curtis Mallet partner and his family would have possession and control of the Kevin J Collins approximately $40,000,000 estate in perpetuity (forever). Louise never signed any of the documents thrust upon her by either Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan or members of his family.   After her jewelry was stolen and converted into money by the Curtis Mallet partner Louise started asking her friends for advice.  Robert W Sheehan as Curtis Mallet partner  and his unemployed son Thomas V Sheehan blatantly disregarded the lack of the obligatory transfer signatures. They continued the transfers thereby violating mandatory USA Federal, Florida/New York State  law.   A transfer of Client assets from one company to another  required mandatory  USA Federal and New York State written notarized authorization.  Please note that on the same  July 20, 2010 day, Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan sent Louise Collins an invidious patronizing “letter” (see Issue 3) telling Louise  he and his unemployed son Thomas V Sheehan needed her acceptance of the transfer.  In fact,  Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan was already unilaterally terminating Inverness ignoring criminal  violations.  This written authorization has never been fulfilled by either.  Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan continues as a New York licensed lawyer while his son Thomas V Sheehan continues as a  New York and Virginia licensed stock broker.  Sometime after son Thomas V Sheehan  left  Inverness under a cloud, he and his father Curtis Mallet partner Robert W Sheehan created a start-up boutique investment advisory called Round Oak Capital of New York City.   Thomas V Sheehan left New York City for Charlottesville, Virginia but  has calls routed from New York City to Charlottesville.  From information and belief  Round Oak Capital  has one employee with the usual call-in center to create an illusion  of importance.  This  facade is a common scheme used by sole practitioners in the legal and investment advisory areas.


February 19, 2012
Vice Chairman David Laughlin,
Inverness Counsel
845 Third Avenue, 8th floor
New York, NY 10022

Dear Mr. Laughlin:

I would like to return all investment advisory services to Inverness Counsel for the Kevin J Collins 2002 Revocable Trust at once. The accounts are as follows:

Acct#        Name                                                                    Custodian
7120          Kevin J Collins 2002 Revocable Trust           J P Morgan
7121          Kevin J Collins 2002 Revocable Trust           Schwab

I have been informed that the above accounts were transferred without my needed expressed written consent.  Even though I did receive a letter and documents (enclosed July 20, 2010), none had been signed by me.  The Kevin J Collins 2002 Revocable Trust Trustee did continue to proceed transferring them to his son Thomas’s start-up Round Oak Capital.  I continue to be told that Thomas has a friendly cooperative relationship with Inverness Counsel. I hope this letter to you will allow this very unfortunate series of events, occurring in an unstable economy, to be rectified as soon as possible.  My husband Herb has the particulars so he will be able to assist your office to accomplish a complete transfer of the above assets back to Inverness.


Louise G Collins
101 Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, Fl 33480

Louise G Collins was quite upset at the improper transfer of the Kevin J Collins estate assets through legally violating manipulations of Curtis Mallet partner and his family members.  This devious action inevitably led to the disappearance of alleged millions of the Kevin J Collins estate assets until  the remaining assets were wrenched from son Thomas V Sheehan,  his father Curtis Mallet partner and their  created Round Oak investment advisory boutique.


Daniel Porter Curtis Mallet partner



Round Oak Capital Brochure under “Management” reports: “Mr. Sheehan, who goes by Tom, is the Founder, President & Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Round Oak Capital. He started the firm with the goal of combining the best of traditional investment management with that of modern portfolio management concepts he was exposed to while working at large Wall Street investment banks earlier in his career. Most recently, Mr. Sheehan was a portfolio manager for Inverness Counsel, which managed over $2 billion dollars for private clients and three large Florida-based pension funds.” A6  We realize there are sketchy embellishments   among financial advisors, especially sole practitioners wanting to look like something they are not.  Thomas V Sheehan left Inverness Counsel under a cloud.  A reliable source has said the  reason Thomas V Sheehan was hired by Inverness alleged because his Curtis Mallet father Robert W Sheehan dangled the questionable  Kevin J Collins revocable Trust as an $8,000,000 enticement to hire son Thomas V Sheehan.  A reliable sources further states that Thomas V Sheehan had little to no input into the management of Inverness Counsel,  it’s $2 billion or it’s Florida pension funds.  Thomas V Sheehan was allegedly  looked upon as being ineffective if not a negative.  Round Oak Capital brochure “Management” consist of 1 person living now in Charlottesville, Virginia.   It is an illusion commonly implemented to snare clients.


Letters to Director:

Dear Sir:
Its delightful Internet allows us to read the truth about these scalawags.  I know my dear Mother had her money stolen from her in a similar action.  At that time the lawyer put words in Latin to confuse her.  He would not put them in English.  The lawyer’s family now lives well on money that was left to us.  We see them all of the time.  We can’t pray because we do not believe anymore.

This behavior seems to be endemic of New York City lawyer types.  We read and watch on TV only to see repetitive theft.  It seems the whole legal system is on the take getting their commish.  This includes Wall Street where many revolving door lawyers infest the system.  I see it in my work.
Federal Officer

Not So Gentlepersons:
Let me tell you that you are not going to change the system.  We live in a Social Darwinist environment where it is dog eat dog.  The Internet allows you to print this garbage but nothing will happen.  Do you think the lawyers are going to react?  Get a life and join reality.
Wills & Trust Partner

We don’t need more laws.  We need the one’s we have enforced. It seems both New York and Los Angeles have a deep penchant for theft.
Midwest lawyer

Dear Director:
I read a similar story about a Huguette Clark who moved to New York City with her millions.  It did not take long before New Yorkie lawyer and accountant isolated her and began to take.  It’s reprehensible that these thieves will get away with what they are calling Clarks wishes to enrich them.

The word is getting around about your newsletter.  I’m  a court officer in lower Manhattan and have seen license to steal lawyers all my career.  They and their blind eye deaf ear judges outright steal when vulnerability is seen in those like the trusting elderly.  When these guys and their judicial buddies get caught nothing happens to them and they get to keep the stolen money.
New York State Court Officer

We’re a competing law firm with Curtis Mallet.  We continue to read your newsletter with interest.  Each time we read it we see other infractions of New York law.  You have done a remarkable job dispensing information, drip by drip.  There is something one of our partners picked up that you might want to include.  New York law doesn’t allow an attorney, or anyone else for that matter, to be both a trustee and power of attorney at the same time. We are awaiting your next installment. Keep up the good work.
Concerned Partners

I’m a professor of a law school known for authoring texts.  I would like to include your entire Curtis Mallet newsletter part as a case study. You’ve accomplished a remarkable fete which should be recognized by the United States legal community, in particular that of New York State.  I see many of the trust and wills issues taught in your real world scenario.  I realize your work is in public venue but I would like to include recognition to the competent individuals who put together such an effort.
Professor of Law


Galileo Pozzoli, Managing Partner of Milan office


Dear Readership:

We experienced a rash of spam from an unknown source starting the day after our issue 2.  It was a professional job.   It is obvious there is someone that does not want our subject matter be known to the public.  Please direct your  thoughtful comments  to  We also have noted the popularity in looking up “Robert W Sheehan Curtis Mallet on Google, YahooL and various international internet search engines.  Let it be known, this is a small triumph of transparency over opaqueness.

We have left out the more  serious infractions from our chronology of events at this juncture.  We now intend to assist the victims by soliciting ethical New York attorneys. We have been told that may be an oxymoron in New York City, especially from those who have a particular distaste for herein  exposures.

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